Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Glitters Galore Coming My Way

As you know I'm not just addicted to polish I'm also addicted to acrylic nail. Even thought I'm not a pro I LOVE to do them myself, so for months I've been drooling over Martha Stewart's glitter collections. So I went to my trusted friend, eBay, to help me find a great deal. I put a bid on an auction with 5 collection and to my dismay I didn't win. But as I searched for another auction I found the mother load. An auction with a 8 of her glitter collection and an extra kit. So happy was I, it was worth staying up til 12. 111 that is how many vials. I'm just so excited. Think of all the GLORIOUS glitter mixes I'll be able to make. Can't wait to share them with you all. Which reminds me I just made some the other day I need to show you.

New Posts will be coming soon. School is almost over, and I'll be graduating. VERY HAPPY!!!!

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